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Nerdy stuff. [Sep. 29th, 2008|03:35 pm]
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Just in case you might have a Commodore 64/128 burning a hole in your tech bench.
You can now use it as a web browser or better yet even as a web server.
The project also works with the Apple II, Atari ST,Sharp Wizard, Sega Dreamcast, and Nintendo Gameboy.

Looking for simple, yet highly effective, encryption software. Look no further.
Truecrypt is Windows, OS X(10.4, 10.5), and Linux compatible 256 bit encryption. The interface is absurdly simple, yet comprehensive interface allows setting up all of the following:

You can use it to encrypt most any kind of file on most any kind of media; hard drives, USB keys, CDROM's, DVD-ROMS, any flash device(SD/CF/SmartCard/MMC).
Best of all it's completely free and open source. So no annoying popups about donating or 'upgrading to the pro version'. Just secure files.

It's nice to know that ifwhen the US border patrol seizes my work computer in October. They will need every computer on the planet working for several thousand years to finally break into my system drive. Only to find all of my files broken up into various encrypted archives. All of which are using unique