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Where old planes go to die [Jun. 25th, 2009|07:12 pm]
Link Masters


Best Google maps link I've ever been sent.

Just outside Tucson, Arizona in the Sonora Desert is the famed Airplane Graveyard-Bone Yard at Davis Monthan Airforce Base. The Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Center AMARC is where the U.S. Air Force mothballs planes until they either need them again or it's time to salvage them for parts. Whenever the U.S. sells surplus planes to foreign governments part of the sales pitch is that there will always have a ready supply of spare parts. Some are turned into pilotless drones and used for missile target practice.

The Airplane Graveyard, is not just a fence around piles of out dated scrap metal, millions of dollars of surplus parts are salvaged to keep other active aircraft flying. You can think of this place as a huge warehouse for all types of spare parts which saves taxpayers millions of dollars every year. Many people think the government sells flying airplanes to the general public, this is not true. Anything the government sells, which could cause potential injuries, like a life raft, pilot helmet, or a flying aircraft will be demilled before it leaves the base. Demilling which stands for de-militarize, includes slashing rafts with a razor knife, crushing helmets, or in the case of an airplane chopping the wings off, or cutting the fuselage into three pieces. Some of the aircraft stored at the Bone Yard are turned into remotely controlled drone aircraft like what was done with the F-106 drone program.

There are over 4,000 planes in storage, most now from the Vietnam era. I only wish I'd been able to go in the 60's when there were still planes from World War II there.

[User Picture]From: mcniadh
2009-06-25 09:52 pm (UTC)
Nice one!

Similarly interesting are James River where US Navy ships are mothballed, Victorville where airliners go when their owners go bankrupt, and that place in India where ships are hauled up on the beach and scrapped.
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