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Link Masters of the Universe

Link Masters
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to the Link Master group. Hi I'm your moderator evil_genius. I used to be constantly posting links I had found during my marathon 14 hour surfing session in my private journal. After a while it got to be that I was posting far more links than actual journal entries. Thus the idea of this community. There is so much really neat stuff on the internet that most of us will never hear about or find. Simply because we don't have the time to comb through the terrabytes of new things posted everyday. I hope this group can help you all find out about things that interest you.

Feel free to join and start posting links to interesting content. Lets try not to mirror any sites out there. I don't mind a link or 2 from say slashdot. But lets not just be an LJ feed for them. I would have liked to keep the links 100% worksafe. But with the unmanagable limitations placed on that term by some less than liberal companies it's pretty much impossible. Thus there is no restrictions on content. Lets keep any links or images of blatantly Not Work Safe stuff behind cuts though.

Please include the following with each link:

A short (minimum 2 full sentences) description of what the link actually leads too.
A proper clickable HTML like to the "link".

Optional includes:

I usually try to include some kind of image related to the topic.
Where you yourself found the link (so perhaps others can enjoy your content source aswell)

If you like one of the links posted here please feel free to post it to your journal. We only ask you do one of the following in said post:

1) Make the link in your post lead to the link_master post.
2) Mention you found the link in this community.